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Upholstery Cleaning London

Having regular upholstery cleaning in London is one of the most important things you can do for your home and your personal health. You furniture’s upholstery sees more use than anything else in your entire home, and if it is not clean it becomes less and less able to keep up with demands and to stay in good condition after continual wear and tear. Upholstery cleaning is however, one of the most difficult things in your home to take care of by yourself. That is why the experts at Seven Dials Cleaners have upholstery cleaning as one of their most low-cost cleaning services, and why it is one of the most popular upholstery cleaning service in London.

We clean almost all materials:

  • Cotton Polyester
  • Linen
  • Suede
  • Faux Suede
  • Microfibre
  • Polyamide Nylon
  • Silk
  • Cotton Polyester
  • Chenile and many more

Consult our friendly staff to get the best price, tailored for your needs. Upon visiting the property the upholstery technicians will inspect the upholstery and confirm the best possible cleaning method. 

If your furniture is suited to be cleaned with water we will proceed with hoovering, treating all stains and discoloured areas and carefully rinsing the material, using top of the line steam cleaning detergents and equipment. 

Should the material be delicate and not suitable to be treated with water we will use either low moisture cleaning or foam cleaning, to restore your furniture to its previous condition.

Upholstery Cleaning Helps Remove:
  • Stains
  • Ground in dirt
  • General Grime
Upholstery Cleaning Helps Eliminate:
  • Moulds
  • Mildew
  • Germs
  • Pet Hair/ Odour*
  • Cigarette Smoke*

*For best results removing odours, combine with carpet deep cleaning. Our upholstery cleaners are trained to use only the most gentle yet effective stain removers and detergents for each type of fabric, including faux suede. We also offer steam upholstery cleaning, which is a great option because it will sanitize your upholstery and give it a deeper clean than is conventionally attainable. Whichever method is used, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our quality of service and your “new” upholstery!

Booking one of our upholstery cleaners is quick and easy both over the phone on 020 3642 8166 and by using our online service request form. Our staff is available 7 days a week to serve you, and our upholstery cleaners are also available during convenient hours throughout the week.

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“The work load preparing for an upcoming dinner party seemed overwhelming. We found your number and contracted your deep cleaning service. You saved us hours of backbreaking work, and it was entirely affordable. You saved the day, thanks so much.”
Delores A. London

“We threw a party for our son’s soccer team. We just didn’t know they would still be wearing their cleats, jam packed with black pitch-mud. I wasn’t sure mud that dark would ever come out of our cream carpeting. Your team did an excellent job. No trace of mud anywhere. Thanks!”
Franklin B.

"Your staff arrived right on time, ready to get to work. They were both very friendly and courteous, and the work didn’t take long. "
Samuel K.

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