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Why You Should Choose A Professional Cleaner

Professional Cleaning London

Besides getting to save personal time, there are three very good reasons for hiring Seven Dials professional cleaners in London.

Product Expertise

The expert cleaners at Seven Dials Cleaners provide the best professional cleaning in London! They have been trained in every aspect of domestic house cleaning in London and maintenance, and with their specialized product knowledge they know which products to use on a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, tile, and granite, to get the best out of it and avoid damage. Seven Dials Cleaners use eco-friendly professional- and commercial- grade detergents and solvents that are developed for specific building materials, and they are better for the environment.

Specialized Training

Seven Dials technicians must complete a rigorous training course in order to operate any of the specialized machinery that is used for jet washing, carpet dry cleaning, steam cleaning or any of the other professional equipment required. We also conduct best-practice training sessions to make sure that our cleaners are up to date on the latest industry trends, and introduce efficiency proceedures. This extends to our Customer Support Agents, to help them find the best way to provide value to customers.

Professional Cleaners London

Health and Safety

We at Seven Dials Cleaners take health and safety extremely seriously. We conduct routine training courses for our cleaners, movers and technicians and operate best-practices to ensure both their safety and yours. They receive full training in the safe use of materials, equipment and machinery. They also receive on-site training including first aid, emergency evacuation procedures, reporting of accidents/incidents, site hazards and welfare facilities. To book a professional one-off cleaning in London or to establish a routine, you can request a service using this online form or give one of our service members a call on 020 3642 8166. We can be contacted at any time, and our professional cleaning services in London are available 7 days a week, which makes them easy to book!

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“The work load preparing for an upcoming dinner party seemed overwhelming. We found your number and contracted your deep cleaning service. You saved us hours of backbreaking work, and it was entirely affordable. You saved the day, thanks so much.”
Delores A. London

“We threw a party for our son’s soccer team. We just didn’t know they would still be wearing their cleats, jam packed with black pitch-mud. I wasn’t sure mud that dark would ever come out of our cream carpeting. Your team did an excellent job. No trace of mud anywhere. Thanks!”
Franklin B.

"Your staff arrived right on time, ready to get to work. They were both very friendly and courteous, and the work didn’t take long. "
Samuel K.

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